Exhibition Catalogue - Mondrian and his Studios (2014)

Catalogue of Exhibition at Tate Liverpool, 2014

Mondrian and his Studios: Colour in Space
edited by Francesco Manacorda and Michael White, with contributions from Hans Janssen, Nancy J. Troy and Marek Wieczorek
Exhibition Catalogue, Tate Gallery Liverpool
Tate Publishing, June 2014

ISBN-10: 1849762651
ISBN-13: 978-1849762656

Mondrian and his Studios: Colour in Space, exhibition catalogue, edited by Francesco Manacords and Michael White, (Tate Publishing, 2014) 

Mondrian and His Studios is the catalogue accompanying two exhibitions held in 2014 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the artist's death: Mondrian and his Studios held at Tate Liverpool in 2014, co-curated by Professor Michael White of the University of York, Francesco Manacorda, Artistic Director at Tate Liverpool, and Eleanor Clayton, Assistant Curator at Tate Liverpool; and Mondrian and Colour at Tate Margate.

The catalogue explores how Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) developed his now iconic abstract paintings in dialogue with the spaces that surrounded him, from urban architecture to the interiors of his studios.  As well as new writing, the catalogue reproduces Mondrian's 1941 essay 'Toward the true vision of reality' and articles by the Dutch journalist W.F.A. Röel, who visited Mondrian in his Paris studio in 1926. 

Contents are:

'Toward the true vision of reality' by Piet Mondrian (1941)
'Studio visits: editors' introduction'
'A visit to Piet Mondrian' by W.F.A. Röell (1920)
'Mondrian's studio utopia, 26 rue du Départ' by Marek Wieczorek
'The crystal clear studio - apology for the Charleston' by W.F.A. Röell (1926)
'The function of the studio' by Michael White
'At Piet Mondrian's: his new philosophy of life' by W.F.A. Röell (1932)
'Working at a table' by Hans Janssen
'The way to the studio, and back again', a conversation between Hans Janssen, Nancy J. Troy and Michael White

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