Journal Roundtable – Sculpture and Faith at St Paul’s Cathedral, c. 1796–1913 (2022)

Roundtable published in the Journal of Victorian Culture

A Roundtable for 'Sculpture and Faith at St Paul's Cathedral, c. 1796–1913'  was published between May and September 2022 by the Journal of Victorian Studies (OuP), from papers given at the Pantheons project conference, 'Worlds of Faith: Sculpture and Faith at St Paul’s Cathedral, c.1796-1916', held in July 2021.

The papers are currently available to all online, with an introduction by the Pantheons project team, Professor Jason Edwards (University of York), Dr Greg Sullivan (University of York/St Paul's Cathedral) and Dr Marjorie Coughlan (University of York):  'Sculpture and Faith at St Paul’s Cathedral, c. 1796–1913: Introduction' (

The Sculpture and Faith roundtable includes the following articles:

The articles will also be collated in the printed journal in 2023.



Main image: Mosaic of details from monuments at St Paul's Cathedral (Pantheons research project)

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