York Festival of Ideas Event - Exploring the Dark Self (2017)

Ron Cooke Hub, University of York, 17 June 2017

York Festival of Ideas 2017University of York Professors Michael White (History of Art) and Miles Whittington (Chair of Neuroscience at the Hull York Medical School (HYMS)) joined artist Susan Aldworth for a York Festival of Ideas event to explore the challenges of visualising deep sleep. The occasion was also the opportunity to participate in an installation, either before or after the discussion. It coincided with Aldworth’s exhibition The Dark Self, which took place at York St Mary’s (York Museums Trust) from 7 June - 3 September 2017. 

Event Description:

What can we know about deep sleep? What is it about the brain’s sleep-associated activities that are so ‘secret’ they demand we remain unaware of them? What happens to the ‘self’ in the dark time of sleep when the brain is in a state of high function?

Join us for an immersive audiovisual installation and discussion exploring the challenges of visualising deep sleep.  The installation by artist Susan Aldworth - which can be viewed before or after the discussion - explores the different aspects of sleep that occur every night. Each of these is critically important in keeping us healthy and happy in our working lives.

For further details, see the York Festival of Ideas website.

Main image: 'The Dark Self ~ Susan Aldworth' exhibition, York St Mary's, 2017: part of the '1001 Nights' installation with, in the background, 'Dormez-vous?' video installation by Susan Aldworth, with soundtrack by Barney Quinton. Photo: ©YAHCs

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