Exhibition Catalogue - William Etty (2011)

Catalogue of Exhibition at York Art Gallery, 2011-2012

William Etty: Art and Controversy
edited by Sarah Burnage, Mark Hallett and Laura Turner, with contributions by Martin Myrone, Richard Green, Sarah Victoria Turner, Jason Edwards
Exhibition Catalogue, York Art Gallery
Philip Wilson Publishers, in association with York Museums Trust

ISBN-10: 0856677019
ISBN-13: 978-0856677014

William Etty: Art and Controversy - exhibition catalogue, York Art Gallery 2011William Etty: Art and Controversy is the catalogue accompanying the exhibition held at York Art Gallery in 2011-12, edited by Dr Sarah Burnage (University of York) and Laura Turner (York Art Gallery), the curators of the exhibition, as well as Professor Mark Hallett, then Head of the History of Art Department at the University of York.

The catalogue examines the artistic output of William Etty (1787-1849), one of the most successful artists of the early nineteenth century, and reassesses his use of the nude, his training at the Royal Academy and his large scale historical canvases, proposing a fresh framework within which his art can be understood.

The catalogue contents are sub-divided under "History Painting and the Critics";"Etty and the Masters"; "The Life Class"; and "!Portraiture".

Other contents include:

"Painting the Nude and 'Inflicting Divine Vengeance on the Wicked'" by Sarah Burnage;
"'Something too Academical': The Problem with Etty" by Martin Myrone;
"Etty and the Masters" by Richard Green;
"Intimacy and Distance: Physicality, Race and Paint in Etty's The Wrestlers" by Sarah Victoria Turner;
"Queer and Now: On Etty's Autobiography (1849) and Male Nude with Arms Up-Stretched (c. 1830)" by Jason Edwards.

The catalogue was reviewed by Kimberley Rhodes in Victorian Studies (Volume 56, Number 3, Spring 2014); and alongside the exhibition by Jenna Carine Ashton in Visual Culture in Britain (Volume 13, Issue 2, 2012).

Main image: Cover (detail) of exhibition catalogue, William Etty: Art and Controversy, held at York Art Gallery 2011-12

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