Article - German Renaissance Art through the Eyes of the National Gallery (2014)

The Burlington Magazine (2014)

The article 'German Renaissance Art through the Eyes of the National Gallery' by Dr Jeanne Nuechterlein was published in The Burlington Magazine in February 2014, in an issue devoted to Dutch, Flemish and German art (No. 1331, Vol. 156).

CoverBurlington Magazine, Feb. 2014The article examined 'the (limited) acquisition of German Renaissance art by the National Gallery, London, in the nineteenth century'. Its publication coincided with the National Gallery exhibition Strange Beauty: Masters of the German Renaissance, which was co-curated by Dr Nuechterlein and Dr Susan Foister (Deputy-Director of the National Gallery and Curator of Early Netherlandish, German and British Painting).

The article can be downloaded from the Burlington Magazine's website.

Main image: Albrecht Altdorfer, Christ taking Leave of his Mother (detail), probably 1520, oil on lime; the National Gallery, London

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