Exhibition - Strange Beauty - National Gallery (2014)

National Gallery, London, 19 February - 11 May 2014

The exhibition Strange Beauty: Masters of the German Renaissance at the National Gallery, London, was co-curated by Dr Jeanne Nuechterlein (University of York) and Dr Susan Foister (Deputy-Director of the National Gallery and Curator of Early Netherlandish, German and British Painting).

The exhibition was shown in the Sainsbury Wing of the Gallery from 19 February to 11 May 2014.

Strange Beauty focused on well-known artists including Hans Holbein the Younger, Albrecht Dürer and Lucas Cranach the Elder.  As well as highlighting contemporary appreciation of the artists' work, the exhibition examined the contrasting perception, both positive and negative, of German Renaissance paintings in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries - especially when compared with works of the Italian renaissance.  Read more about the exhibition on the National Gallery website.

 Lucas Cranach the Elder, 'Cupid Complaining to Venus' (c.1525),

Lucas Cranach the Elder, 'Cupid Complaining to Venus' (c.1525), National Gallery, London

The exhibition was reviewed in the Telegraph and the Guardian, which also featured the exhibition 'In Pictures'.


Dr Nuechterlein presented a seminar about the exhibition in December 2013, in conjunction with Professor Amanda Lillie (University of York), who co-curated the National Gallery Exhibition Building the Picture, also in 2014.

Dr Nuechterlein was interviewed by Cathy Fitzgerald on the National Gallery Podcast (Episode 88, February 2014)

Dr Nuechterlein and Dr Foister gave a lunchtime talk at the National Gallery, 'Curators in Conversation: "Strange Beauty: Masters of the German Renaissance"' (March 2014)

A workshop (March 2014) and a two-day conference (April 2014) were held at the National Gallery.

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