‘The Lost Collection of Charles I’: Royal Collection Trust Digital Catalogue

The Royal Collection Trust recently launched a new website focusing on 'The Lost Collection of Charles I'.  Niko Munz, a current PhD student in the Department of History of Art, was behind the research for the database project, which attempts to reconstruct the lost collection.

Following the 2018 exhibition Charles I: King and Collector, a collaboration between the Royal Collection Trust and the Royal Academy of Arts, the new database is hosted on the Royal Collection Trust website and shows each artwork's 17th-century location during Charles I's reign; provenance prior to this if applicable; and the current location of the picture where known. The website was curated with help from Niko during his time at the Royal Collection Trust from 2016 to 2018.

‘The Lost Collection of Charles I’ has benefited from the collaboration of almost 60 public institutions, as well as numerous private collectors and auction houses. The database also includes navigable 3D visualisations of three of the most important rooms in Whitehall Palace and historical information on the collection and its inventories.

Image: screenshot of The Lost Collection of Charles I landing page.