Workshop - Artistic Interplay: Jan Gossaert's Renaissance (2011)

National Gallery, London, 21 March 2011

A workshop on Artistic Interplay was held at the National Gallery, London, on 21 March 2011, to explore themes arising from the National Gallery exhibition Jan Gossaert's Renaissance. Participation by those responding to Gossaert’s work from both within and outside the Northern Renaissance field was welcomed.

The Workshop began with three papers and discussions from the exhibition’s curators and scholars of the Northern Renaissance:

Dr Susan Foister (Deputy-Director and Curator of Early Netherlandish, German and British Painting, National Gallery llery) on the display of the Gossaert exhibition in London and the significance of the Italian journey;

Dr Jeanne Nuechterlein (University of York) on the potential impacts of Gossaert's work on Netherlandish audiences;

Dr Arturo Galansino (National Gallery) on the Jan de Beer exhibition running concurrently in room 14 of the National Gallery.

For the second part of the workshop, Professor Amanda Lillie (University of York) led a discussion of 'Jan Gossaert's Renaissance' with Dr Charles Robertson (Oxford Brookes University) and Dr David Hemsoll (University of Birmingham).

For further information about the workshop, see the Department of History of Art website.

The Adoration of the Kings by Jan Gossaert (National Gallery, London)

Jan Gossaert, The Adoration of the Kings (1510-15), oil on oak. National Gallery, London



Main image: Detail from The Adoration of the Kings (1510-15) by Jan Gossaert, oil on oak. National Gallery, London

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