Research Seminar - Research at Tate Modern (2020)

Bowland Auditorium, University of York, 27 January 2020

Dr Frances Morris, Director of Tate Modern, gave a lecture on ‘Research at Tate’ at the University of York, as part of the Department of History of Art’s Research Seminar series, on Monday 27 January 2020.

Head of Department, Professor Michael White chaired the event.

In her role as director of Tate Modern, Dr Morris chairs the Tate Modern Management Team. She is in charge of conception and delivery of programme areas and signs off acquisitions of international art. 


Over the last ten years, Tate’s International Collection has grown from one reflective of Western European and North American art history to one which embraces narratives from across the world. This talk will explore how curatorial and art historical research has enabled this transformation and how it continues to underpin the acquisition and display of the collection and the exhibitions that form part of an integrated programme at Tate Modern.  Research at Tate is essentially practice-led and public-facing, intended to contribute to the scholarly community outside the museum, but to have tangible outcomes in terms of programmes and to enrich the knowledge and experience of the public.

Frances Morris (Director, Tate Modern) and Michael White (University of York)

Frances Morris (Director, Tate Modern) and Michael White (University of York)


Main image: Frances Morris, Director of Tate Modern; photo © Hugo Glendinning

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