Panel Discussion: On Beauty (2015)

Professor Liz Prettejohn (Professor of History of Art, University of York) participated in a special event at the British Museum on Friday 29 May 2015

‘On Beauty’ was a panel discussion chaired by Dr Ian Jenkins (Senior Curator Ancient Greece, British Museum).  As well as Professor Prettejohn, the other speakers were: Professor Michael Squire (Professor of Classical Art, Kings College London), Professor Jeremy Tanner (Professor of Classical and Comparative Art, UCL) and Professor Semir Zeki (Professor of Neuroaesthetics, UCL).

Panel Description

Greek ideas of beauty have profoundly influenced Western art and how we think about ourselves today. This panel discussion will consider Greek perceptions of beauty, and how ideas have changed, from Greek sculpture's impact on art in the 19th century to recent neurological insights into how the brain generates experiences of beauty.

Main image: Inscribed relief with nymph Cyrene, overpowering a lion, crowned by Libya (detail), c. 120-140, marble. British Museum, reproduced under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, courtesy of the British Museum,

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