Symposium: Displaying Victorian Sculpture (2012)

Kings Manor, University of York, 13 June 2012

2012 symposium victorian sculpture posterDisplaying Victorian Sculpture was a three-year, AHRC-funded collaborative project, led by the universities of Warwick and York, in partnership with the Yale Center for British Art, seeking to return sculpture to centre stage in discussions of 19th-century British culture, and to re-assert the importance of sculpture to Victorian history. The project culminated in Sculpture Victorious, the exhibition held at Tate Britain and the Yale Center of British Art.

Hosted by the Sculpture Studies Research School at the University of York, the Displaying Victorian Sculpture symposium was held at King's Manor on Wednesday 12 June 2012, midway through the project. It presented an opportunity to discuss research emerging from the project to date.


The Colour of Sculpture
Chair: Jason Edwards (University of York)

Michael Hatt (University of Warwick): 'The Colour White: Sculpture and Polychromy in Mid-Victorian Britain'

Désirée de Chair (University of Warwick): 'Chryselephantine: Richard Cockle Lucas's Mid-Victorian Coloured Ivories'

Charlotte Drew (University of York): 'Revising the Renaissance: Luca della Robbia at the South Kensington Museum'

Chair: Sarah Turner (University of York)

Eoin Martin (University of Warwick): ' Framing Victoria: Royal Portraiture and Architectural Sculpture in Victorian Britain'

Jason Edwards (University of York): 'A Monumental Place to Perch: Thomas Woolner's Captain Cook for Sydney'

The Production and Display of Marble 
Chair: Michael White (University of York)

Gabriel Williams (University of York): 'Markets for Polished Marble, c. 1850'

Claire Jones (University of York): 'Variations in Reproduction and Display: Waldo Story's Fallen Angel (1887) and (1889)'

The symposium concluded with a roundtable discussion.

Main image: Fountain of Love (also known as Shell Fountain) by Thomas Waldo Story (1897), Cliveden Gardens. Photo: 'Fountain of Love - Cliveden' (detail) by Michael Summers (, reproduced under CC licence BY-NC-ND 2.0

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