Image Credits

Below are credits which do not appear alongside their images; all other images on the site are captioned in situ (banner captions can be seen below the logos in the sidebar).

Home page image credits:

Probably by Zanobi Strozzi, The Abduction of Helen (c. 1450-55), egg tempera on wood (detail). ©The National Gallery, London

Henry Hugh Armstead, Hero and Leander (1875), marble (detail). ©Tate, London

Centre of Ceramic Art (CoCA), York Art Gallery. Photo: ©Giles Rocholl

Reconstruction of Mondrian's Paris studio for the Mondrian and his Studios exhibition, Tate Liverpool 2014. Photo: ©Michael White

Studentship page image credits:

PhD: Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York. Photo: John Houlihan

MA: First-year MA students on the Stained Glass Conservation and Heritage Management course on the scaffolding of the Great East Window, York Minster. Photo: University of York/The York Glaziers Trust

BA: Gallery visit, Department of History of Art, University of York. Photo: Ian Martindale

Other Internships and Work Placements: Student placement at the National Railway Museum, Department of History of Art, University of York